Not liking people…

11 05 2009

There is this one issue bothering us all at some point… not liking somebody around us, somebody that we have to interact one way or another with… nasty situation. Is it wrong not liking somebody? What exactly we don’t like about people? Well my answer would have to be:

I don’t f…ing care! So dude, if you think I don’t like you, you’re probably right. I must have given you enough signs that should tell you that is better to avoid each other in order to reach that conclusion. But please don’t take it the wrong way, there are still around 6.7 billion people that you can try to please at any time… how can 1 make a difference? That would be first of all.

Second of all is why should you care if I don’t like you… I don’t so why should you?!? For instance, a lot of people don’t like me, probably hate me or whatever… but asking them and nagging them over and over again would probably piss them off even more.

Third of all… and I think this is the most important one… there are always gonna be more people that LOVE you compared to the ones hating you. The smart thing for you to do would probably be to focus on them rather than lose time with the other ones. The ones who love you will take the best out of you, will love you for what you are instead of hating you for what you’re not, will accept you, will help you improve.

So, in order to reach a conclusion… if I don’t like you that means I’m helping you find your loved ones.




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11 05 2009

Intersting way of puting this thoughts:). It seems you’ve been really pissed off … enjoy your experience there!

11 05 2009

Not really :P… iti multumesc tare mult pt urarile de bine, chiar ma bucur foarte mult de experienta πŸ˜‰

11 05 2009

i’m wondering about the same thing as Laura? pissing you off? ;))

good points of view πŸ™‚

11 05 2009

Though I agree with you on the majority of the arguments you bring to the table there are situations when our beliefs might be misguided. I, for one, am always curious why somebody doesn’t like and not just to find a way to make myself “likable” for that individual but to know (for future use) what turns people away from me, just in case I have to deal with a stalker πŸ˜€

I think it’s good to know as much as you can about yourself and if this means nagging someone to tell you why he/she hates or ignores you, well, that’s collateral damage.

12 05 2009

I couldn’t agree more on the “knowing yourself” part. It’s just that the real feedback comes from the people that care about you. Otherwise there is a risk of trying to fix something that it isn’t there (people that don’t like you, Adi are not always being objective and have no interest in helping you out with a good feedback :P).

But, then again, that is only a risk one might take, why not (if I’m faced with the one who does not like me be sure that I will nagg him :))

12 05 2009

The chances are higher that I might find something new about myself from somebody who hates me than from somebody who loves me, because those who love me have the tendency to be overprotective. Haters have no interest in sugarcoating the truth – though I agree they might have an interest in worsen it.

Bottom line is I respect the haters for taking precious time from their existence to hate me, I love those who love me for seeing the potential I have and I nag those who ignore me, so that I can send the in one of the 2 categories mentioned above.

This being said… how much time till your internship ends? Will you be in Iasi at the end of June?

12 05 2009

@Adi: I will be in Iasi between 23rd and 25th of June :D. Afterwards I start work and I will be probably have to be in Bucharest πŸ˜‰

12 05 2009

In romana ca sunt frustrat: te “ratez” la o zi, in sensul in care pe 26 sunt in Iasi pentru cateva zile… in Bucuresti cat stai?

PS: Am putea folosi alte forme de comunicare… cred…

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