A Passionate Night

22 05 2009

I’m still in bed, and all I can think of is you, all I can think of is the last night and my desire to hold and crush you by my chest is overwhelming! You suddenly came to me in the heat of the night and what happened next I will remember for a long time, as long as the unforgettable sensations are still with me. You came out of nowhere with no fear and no shame and I found you touching my body… you felt my indifference and then you bit me with no mercy, making me go insane… we tossed all night like in some kind of a crazy game and you astound me with your passion and lust. I finally fell asleep almost at sun rise, I felt jaded and still I could feel you near me…

When I woke up, I looked after you but the only signs I could get from the last night are the bed sheets all around me and the scars covering my guilty body; tonight I am going to pretend to be asleep, and I’m going to wait for you to reappear… but this time  I will get you, you fucking ruthless mosquito!!!




14 responses

22 05 2009

Duuude, I thought you got crazy from all the heat and no AC at home…

22 05 2009

Ha, m-ai tinut in suspans pana la ultima propozitie 😛

22 05 2009

:)) though I might go nuts at some point 😛

22 05 2009

Mi-a placut mult cum ai scris 🙂
Apropos, nu gasesti sa cumperi niste pastile impotriva tantarilor?

22 05 2009

Le dau si pastile, le dau si crema… dar nu sunt chiar 100% eficiente. Anyway, it’s not that bad 😛

22 05 2009


La un moment dat chiar mă gândeam… Hmmm Bogdan Cuceritorul… să vezi dacă nu o să-l alerge vreun tată sau vreun soţ gelos … şi o să vină mai repede acasă :d

22 05 2009

what the hell man ? 😀

22 05 2009

@Andreea: Chiar imi pare rau ca te dezamagesc si nu ajung mai repede acasa… mai am doar o luna anyway si dupa ne vedem la o bere 😉
@Fish: :D… it’s really hot in here dude. You just have to understand 😛

22 05 2009

Always use a condom Bogdan 🙂

24 05 2009

=)) nebunule
..cat suspans…frumos scris 😉

24 05 2009

WTF! I can’t wait to read the stories from the following nights…

26 05 2009

N-am apucat sa-ti scriu pana acum, dar chiar imi place ce si cum scrii. Iar asta ultima chiar a fost tare. 🙂

28 05 2009

LOL. I remember nights like these in the apartment. I was on the MC before Jeremy’s btw, now working in Islamabad. Feel free to crash at my place when you guys are in town.

30 05 2009

@Nida: Nice to “meet” you, in fact I think I spotted your picture in an AIESEC Pakistan 08-09 Activity Report. In spite the heat, the power cuts or the mosquitos, you have to admit that you do miss the days in the MC mansion. I sensed a nostalgic tone in your words :P.

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