The new society…

Experiencing the society… the people I’ve interacted so far seem animated by an overwhelming sense of welcoming, the majority of the population will seem fascinated and very much interested in a foreigner, on how he’s feeling, what’s his feedback on Pakistan.You will also find that they are always trying to please you and will probably say NO to nothing that you ask but keep in mind that this thing has effects on the final commitment or responsibility of the person.

Another interesting fact comes from the fact everybody knows that Pakistan is a developing country, with high contrasts between classes, with important issues such as education, environment, energy, corruption… and still so little things are being done. There is this disease that is spreading around from one individual to another and it’s called self-sufficiency, and please take into account that I’m not judging but I’m simply observing.

One issue that realy got me worried before landing in Pakistan and I think is getting everybody worried before coming here are the security issues. All across the Occidental News we are being bombarded with news about  how delicate this part of the world can be in terms of ethnical, religious, political clashes, so I guess it’s natural to have some doubts before coming here. Without having any bias on this topic allow me to say that the situation is not quite as bad as you would think.

As I write Pakistan is involved in a military action in the Northern part of the country against the talibans in Swat Valley but then again this issue  is not affecting my ordinary life here in Karachi. There are tensions, it’s true, but respecting some basic rules related to your own security keeps you out of any trouble. I did not feel at any moment afraid for my own security and for sure things will stay like this as far as I’m concerned.


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