The new Job…

The working environment… is exactly what would you expect from a multinational company. I work on the Human Resources and Organizational Development department here at GSK and to be honest this 3 months position is proving to be quite a nice learning experience.

When I’m saying that is exactly what would you expect from a multi-national company I’m reffering mostly to the high-performing systems very well put in place, a customer focused attitude and a nice working environment.

But, if you would think that this environment wouldn’t allow any Pakistani originality, well…. you would be wrong.  I was talking at some point about self-sufficiency – it can also be witnessed in the corporate sector as far as I can notice (I’m working for GSK for almost 2 months now and still didn’t get any salary because “The check in on process“, and on process it is for the last 3 weeks – long process what can I say :P).

At the same time I would be unfair not to mention the nice HR team here, a cohesive team that really has a sense of purpose and manages to greet and welcome you as in a family environment.


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