Day off

12 05 2009

Since I arrived in Pakistan and I started working for Glaxo (around the 20th of March) I got somewhere around 4 days off from work (National day of Pakistan, Easter Days, 1st of May). Today is the fifth. Due to some events happening in Karachi, or at least some events that there were thought to happen I am pretty much obliged not to leave the house which can be regarded as crappy or as a good thing.

Since today I decided to take only the good things out of  everything happening around me (it’s a todays’ resolution only) I’m trying to spot the benefits out of this situation:

  • I can get more familiar with my apartment
  • I woke up at 1.30′ PM
  • I get to stay out from the almost killing sun outside
  • I’m wearing shorts
  • My hair is a mess but I don’t care
  • If  I would have a beer I would have no problems drinking it since I’m not at work
  • There is almost no Smoking Policy at home (I said almost because even I have some kind of policies against me killing myself)
  • I get to think of  some deep issues of my life such as “What’s the speed of the fan rotating?” or “Is that fan really safe? What if it fells?” – I conclude that it is safe thanks to my todays’ resolution.
  • At home it’s ok to get bored unlike work. And the cure is not Solitaire only.
  • I can swear If  I feel like it

Bottom line is that there are some good things coming up out if this situation but at the same time I  think that staying at home because of some nasty events in town it’s probably one of the last reasons I would wanna have a day off  from work.